05 November 2005

a big preview

here s it a lot of news in 1 pic :) hope you like it (less work 4 me, more pic 4 you :D )
you can see (from left high)
incredibles - elastic girl (she s doing sex)
this work was create this summer. just now i founded it in my hd. pretty strange <_< madoka - orange road (pose) an old work, edited 2 times
kyoko - maison ikkoku (after sex) like the elastic girl... same story. this work should be 1 of the pic for a comix. dunno if it ll be finish a day....
kyoko + madoka (pose) again like the elastic girl... same story <_< (what a great fantasy uhm?) chara unnamed (after sex?) very old work, founded in a directory and now some reply: happy 2 know about some1 like madoka and kyoko. so im not the only 1 who like this 2 great babe from the '90 :D @ Attila: i love that girl :D and i ll do again other work :)
dunno if you like griffin too, but im working also on that woman :D
@ kazumaiino: yep, each mangaka draw the chara very similar, but hojio do it too much similar (when i was watching the manga, many time i was confused.... many time some girl was too similar to another1 and so on)(lol)
then i think: omg, im doing the same with my chara...... but i like it :D

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