23 October 2005

1 preview and some news

here s it the preview (yep, again.... another preview).
about the news: all the web was correct, from the wrong pic in the wrong section, untill the link error. i did also the update to the main page. now it looks nice more than be4 :D
im working (incredible 2 say) only 4 me in this period. i have no work or commission (oh! fuck at that idiot who commissioned me 2 pic, then he asked me a lot of modification then he disappear) so in the free time (also with the right mood :D ) i m doing a lot of new work (i suppose you ll be happy :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Pingzeus!!! I'm glad to see your new works, you are also posting on your blog...great!!!^^I saw that you repliedme on the blog about the famous catseye pic...I hope that you some day would go on working about Tsukasa Hojo's mangas, I'm a great fan of his works...see you!!!^^