18 July 2005

kyoko spring 2

there s also another version, with tones. but color rox too :)
abouty this pic, in the orign, she should be located in front of the maison ikkoku, but i was to lazy to draw the building..... well, now the pic is match with the summer, lol.

edition 2010: image size now is bigger than before...


  1. Hi there. It`s really good to see you back again at work. Haven`t heard some time from you. Already thought you had quit. I was the guy who asked for that catseye pic you then did. Great work. I really loved it. Well as I said its good to see you back and see that your art is at least as good as ever, even improving. Can`t wait to see more of you.
    Thanx again

  2. Very nice! Kyoko and Madoka are what I'd call "drop dead gorgeous" (meaning someone so beautiful as to make one stop whatever they are doing) I usually don't think anyone outside Japan can master this style, but you do so very well.

    The nice part is at least you don't have to censor :)